Sustainable Strategies and Projects



iNExTstudio believes that all components and stakeholders of a particular area should contribute to the design of local development strategies. Thus, it employs a 360° approach, called “Lego Method” (read more).

iNExTstudio guides local authorities and stakeholders through a collective growth process, by supporting the creation of organisations to manage sustainable development programmes (read more).

iNExTstudio helps urban and rural areas to develop into zero emission territories, by promoting, for example:

•the refurbishment of existing buildings and the regeneration of dilapidated areas

•the preservation of natural assets and resources

•the attention to the environmental impacts of human activities (including agriculture, tourism, etc.)

•the introduction of quality management processes

•the rationalization of mobility and the optimization of existing infrastructural assets

•the attention to the quality of settlements (public services, parks, transports, etc.) and to quality of life in general

•the improvement of education and vocational training and the establishment of capacity building processes, as essential requirements for socioeconomic