Sustainable Strategies and Projects

Andrea - Versione 2Andrea Nobili


Founder of iNExTstudio, he has practiced as a strategic planner and project manager.

He worked on a wide range of Territorial Development Agreements (development programmes funded by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance – MEF) with Europrogetti & Finanza S.p.A., which was a subsidiary of the MEF and Banks from 1996 to 2001. During this period, he achieved a considerable and extensive experience working with hundreds of City Councils and stakeholders, facilitating discussion to achieve outcomes and shared goals. As a team leader, he made assessment and economic evaluation of about 250 infrastructural projects throughout all Italy.

With iNExTstudio he has built a new strategic planning methodology and led several Urban and Regional Strategic Plans, preparing policies and strategies, co-ordinating and managing inputs coming out from extensive consultation with Mayors, City Councils, entrepreneurs, stakeholders, etc.

He worked with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the framework of the ART Initiative in Lebanon and in Albania.

He has achieved an extensive experience in planning, managing and leading complex strategic planning processes. His experience allowed him to enter the Expert Task Force created by ILS LEDA (International Links and Services for Local Development Agencies).

Areas of Expertise:

•Strategic Planning and policy analysis

•Facilitation and coordination of public and private stakeholders

•Project Management

•Cultural and Environmental Heritage planning and integrated enhancement